Boasting many useful features, SPACE provides an equally attractive alternative to the Trend Interior System.

With its classic style and elegant design, Space enhances any room. An ideal interior system for open-spaced custom walk-in closets or anywhere one can fully appreciate the spaciousness and clean-cut look of this interior system.








Made by BauCloset, adjustable height shelves present a distinctive feature in this gridless system. Advanced options and design-oriented surfaces such as Urban Structures harmoniously enhance the look.







Quality and contemporary excellence

Closet Space Layout
Closet Eco Background Graphic







In all of its forms, the innovation found in our luxury open-spaced closets is guided by quality, excellence, care, and of course, respect for the properties of each material – down to the wood, finish, and surface treatment.








Embrace the freedom of planning your storage and luxury cabinets in your own custom open-spaced walk-in closet, individually made from high quality materials







Interesting details including: extendable tie cabinets and mirrors or drawers with integrated jewelry boxes.








Individualized custom closet solutions made for your space. That is our specialty. In order to meet this requirement, every product is manufactured, inspected and carefully packaged in Germany with millimeter accuracy.







An overall vision that combines technological innovation with stylistic variety, with a view to creating spaces that are ever more in line with individual sensitivities. Aluminum and glass: two natural materials that are environmentally friendly and always used for new.









Wardrobe as an innovative architectural element

Closet Space Open Rack







Perfection in the details.

Closet Space Hanger Bar
Closet Space Open Space
Closet Space Corner


Font finishes

Closet - Trend - Finish A
Closet - Trend - Finish B
Closet - Trend - Finish C
Closet - Trend - Finish D
Closet - Trend - Finish E
Closet - Trend - Glass Door E
Closet - Trend - Glass Door B
Closet - Trend - Glass Door D
Closet - Trend - Glass Door F
Closet - Trend - Glass Door C


Glass doors

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